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Dyna Ingabire - Daycare Teacher

Born and raised in Rwanda, Dyna is married and has a lovely girl, named Maya .This is her 4th year in early childhood education. Dyna previously worked 3 years in Rwanda (Africa) at Ndengera Foundation .This is Dyna's 1st year at the International Leadership Academy. So far, Infant/Toddlers and Preschoolers are Dyna's favorite levels to teach. Dyna learns a lot by teaching and spending time with children .

Dyna also loves Technology . She has a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering from the University of Tourism Technology and Business Studies. 

Shawna Baldwin-Daycare Teacher

Shawna was born and raised in southern california. After graduating High School she spent the next 10 years traveling and living in different parts of the globe. Her love of caring for children starting at a very young age babysitting neighborhood kids. After her sister had her first niece she became a live-in nanny for 3 years. One time on vacation in Arizona she met her now husband and as they say the rest is history. Shawna and her Husband have two beautiful kids. She loved being a stay at home mom for 4 years but after the big move up to the Portland area she wanted to expand her work into daycare settings. She's been with us down at the LaCreche location since October and loves all the baby cuddles and toddler giggles.

Michael Johnson - Daycare Director

Michael's passion for education and early language acquisition began in Paris, France, while studying abroad and teaching English part-time to French toddlers. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in French and International Relations at California State University, Sacramento, Michael worked in management and people development for 2 years before deciding to move to Portland to pursue his passion for French. and to teach at ILA. He can converse in French. He knows that children learn a language through tone, intonation and grammar even if they cannot speak yet! On the weekends you can find Michael in Portland hiking, karaoke with friends, and hanging out in the amazing Portland Art and Drag community - we'll all learn together!

Cary Page- Daycare Provider

Ms. Cary is co-founder of ILA. She has an amazing way of communicating with children as she has worked in education for many years and is passionate about French language and culture. Cary lived in Paris for two years while studying French language and culture, first at the Ecole de l'Alliance Française, then at the Sorbonne. Her B.A. is from the University of Delaware, where she also studied linguistics and TESOL. "Even after so many years, children still amaze me with their creativity and joy of living," she says. They keep me optimistic about our future. »
Cary enjoys gardening, writing poetry and short stories. She leads a group of local writers

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