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After-School Programs 

Winter 2019.2020


Dodge Ball 


Instructor: Blake Vigran

Ages: K and up

3:30 - 4:30PM

After Care Fee: $8 per hour

Dodge Ball is an exciting team sport that is tons of fun. Two opposing teams throw balls at each other in an attempt to eliminate all of the opposing players.  Dodge ball improves hand eye coordination. It is a great way to exercise. Dodge ball also allows the students to release energy that they bottle up throughout their day in a healthy way.  Dodge Ball is fast paced and super fun! It’s a great way to improve teamwork skills.

Class taught in French and English



Instructor: Blake Vigran

Ages: 1st to 5th grade

3:30 - 4:30 PM 

Cost: $105  7 weeks ( 11/5 to 12/17) 

Students will learn and teach others how to fold origami and share this unique art form. Students will discover a new or already enjoyed leisure activity that can also improve spatial learning.

Class taught in French

Mad Science: Mesmerizing Science


Instructor: Mad Scientist

Grade: K and up

3:30-4:30 PM

Cost: $120  6 classes (11/6 to 12/18) skip class 11/27

Observation, Hypothesis, and Experiment are the foundations of scientific exploration. But be prepared to be amazed…you’ll have trouble believing your own eyes or ears on this spellbinding expedition through the science of sound, magic, illusion and color!

Class taught in English


Sculpting Class


Instructor: Gilles Locher

Ages: 2 - 4 years old  

3:30 to 4:15PM 

Cost: $120 6 classes (11/7 to 12/19) skip class on 11/29

K and UP  

4:15 to 5 PM

6 classes (11/7 to 12/19) skip class on 11/29

Cost: $120 6 classes (11/7 to 12/19) skip class on 11/29

Students will learn to manipulate the material, such as modeling paste, salt dough in order to develop creativity and fine motor skills.

Class taught in French



Violin Lessons


Instructor: Brian Benett

Ages: Preschool to 5th Grade 


Cost: $150 10 classes (10/10 to 12/19 skip 11/28) + $75 Rental Fee

The music program will be led by Brian Bennett who is a Suzuki-trained teacher with thirty years of teaching experience and performs with a few groups in town, Portland Chamber Orchestra, Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra, and Bravo! Northwest. We can provide free tickets for many of their performances.

Class taught in English and French






Guitar Lessons


Instructor: Brian Benett

Ages: Preschool to 5th Grade

4:15 - 5:00PM 

Cost: $150 10 classes (10/10 to 12/19 skip 11/28) + $75 Rental Fee

The music program will be led by Brian Bennett who has forty years of performing and thirty years of teaching experience. His preferred styles are rock, folk, classical, and flamenco but he can also teach blues, and jazz theory. Brian has extensive knowledge of music theory and teaches composition and song writing.

For the group class, the instrument rental fee will be $25 per month. The first lesson will include getting sized for the right guitar. Smaller sizes and nylon-stringed instruments are preferred. The most important thing is the instrument set up, as some may have problems that would render them unplayable. Full-sized, steel string, and electric guitars are all problematic for beginners for various reasons.

Class taught in English and French


Typing Class


Instructor: Blake Vigran

K through 5th grade

3:30 - 4:30 PM  6 weeks  

$60 (11/1 to 12/20) skip class on 11/29

Touch typing, or keyboarding as it’s known today, is an essential computer skill. The student experience is designed to be clean, straight forward, engaging and fun. Students are provided with continuous feedback on their progress every step of the way and are motivated to repeat each lesson over and over to master each step prior to proceeding. Students can begin as early as Kindergarten. and is a great benefit children in terms of cognitive development.

For our youngest students, the goal is to help familiarize young students with where keys are on a keyboard and how typing works, not to push touch typing at this age. Once students reach second or third grade, then it makes sense to start them in on touch typing instruction and help students learn the foundation skills of hand placement, posture, and letter sequence to help them avoid falling into the trap of hunt and peck typing. By 5th grade, they should be able to type at 25 WPM

Class taught in French

Mandarin Class


Instructor: Qian

Ages: PreK - 5th grade 

3:30- 4:30PM

Cost: $160 8 classes (10/25 to 12/20) skip class 11/29

Besides Chinese songs ,games ,Chinese poems and the  Jiaguwen Card ,we will also learn how to do maths in mandarin (addition, subtraction, multiplication,division),introduces 9*9 times table. Chinese calligraphy and Chinese traditional craft are choices too.

Ballet Class


Ballet 1

Instructor: Megan Dawn

Ages: 3 to 41/2 years old

3:30 - 4:00 PM

Cost : $120 6 classes (11/1 to 12/20) skip class on 11/29

Ballet students learn coordination and rhythm through imaginative movement with the help of props, classical music and graceful games. They begin to learn Ballet postions of 1st and 2nd and build strength and body awareness through stretches, turns, jumps and curtsie's. Students learn to memorize a short dance which incorporates dancing like a "papillon" and "cygne" to the music of Swan Lake.

Ballet 2

Instructor: Megan Dawn

Ages: 4 to 6 years old

4:15 - 5:00 PM

Cost : $120  6 classes (11/1 to 12/20) skip class on 11/29

Ballerina's begin to Pirouette, grande Jete and Arabesque with memorized ability. They learn classical ballet steps with proper form in the three main directions (devant, all seconde, derriere). Dancers begin to learn how to differentiate music in 3/4 verses 4/4 time signatures. Choreography attempted in the last 15 minutes of class uses music from "Peter et let Loup" and incorporates dancers learning movement quality that matches musical instrumentation. Class taught in English


Continuing French 1

Tuesday and Thursday

Instructor: Pierre Burthey 

Ages 6-8 

3:30-4:30 PM / 8 weeks: (1/22 to 12/19) $297 skip 11/26 and 11/28 classes

This course is designed especially for children from 6-8 years old who already have some background in French which they want to preserve and expand into an active cultural resource for their lives. It will be taught by an experienced native French speaker who will keep things lively and exciting by mixing effective studies with stories, plays, songs, games, and more.

Continuing French 2

Tuesday and Thursday

Instructor: Pierre Burthey 

Ages 9-12 

4:30-5:30 PM / 8 weeks (1/22 to 12/19) $297 skip 11/26 and 11/28 classes

Continuing French Level II.:This course is designed specifically for youngsters aged 9-12 who already speak some French and have some formal background in the language which they want to preserve and expand into an active and lively cultural resource for their lives, whether for academic advancement, a passport into the world of international business and commerce, or to simply live more richly and completely in our increasingly international world. It will be taught by an experienced native French speaker, who will keep lessons exciting and challenging for young scholars with a wide variety of resources and activities.