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Camp d'été 2022! 

Week 1 June 27th - July 1st Ages 3 - 6: 3D Animal Creation

Animals are some of the most amazing and beautiful things to discover and learn about in our natural world! Make 3D models of your favorite animals. Learn amazing facts about how these animals live in the wild. Take home memories to revisit over and over again. Camp taught in English and French

Week 1 June 27th - July 1st Ages 3 - 6: You are What You Eat - Nutrition and Simple Meals

Prepare simple and easy meals. Learn how to safely make everyday meals( No heat). Talk about nutrition and how it ties into what we eat every single day. Make sandwiches, salads, desserts and more! Camp taught in English and French

Week 1 June 27th - July 1st Ages 5 and Up: Behind the Scenes at ILA

Go behind the scenes at ILA. Campers will put their directors hat on as they come together to create an original movie. Come up with a script, create characters, act out scenes, and film a real movie. Meet us on Set! Camp taught in English and French

Week 1 June 27th - July Ages 5 and Up: Exploring Culture Through Art and Games

During a week-long session to discover different cultures from Europe, America, Africa and Asia, camp participants will be introduced to art and games from around the world. Students will become familiar with the sights, sounds, arts and traditions of a multitude of cultures, with frequent pauses for dialogue and reflection on the similarities of our diverse human family.

Week 2 July 5th - July 8th Ages 3 to 6: Arts and Crafts - Creativity Flow from Sand to Sea

Put your captain’s hat on and enter a world of creation that includes painting, artistic techniques and materials. Campers will be able to do various works of art surrounding the beauty of ocean life: fish, boats, shells and crustaceans are just a few sea creatures that campers will focus on. Camp taught in English and French

Week 2 July 5th - July 8th Ages 3 to 6: Masks Across the Globe

Travel around the world as you learn about the roles that different masks have played in culture throughout history. Make a set of unique masks that each carry their own story in history. Discover stories and legends! Camp taught in English and French

Week 2 July 5th - July 8th Ages Ages 5 and Up: Dribble, Shoot, Score! Soccer Camp

Jump, kick, shoot, and score! Join ILA for an exciting week of soccer! We have instructors who are extremely passionate about soccer. They want to share this passion with all the campers. Join the ILA Griffons for exciting team and individual game, drills, skirmishes, and more!

Week 3 July 11th - July 15th Ages 3 - 6: Petites Chef-d'œuvre - Mini Masterpieces

Let’s get together and create! Through a variety of multimedia platforms, campers will create their own masterpieces that they can be proud of. The camp will focus on cutting and gluing through collage to make 3D effects and impressions.

Week 3 July 11th - July 15th Ages 3-6: Pump it Up - Francophone Dance World Tour -- CAMP IS FULL

Pop on your dancing shoes because it is time to boogie! Together, we will explore the culture of dance from different French speaking countries across the globe. Dance exists in the heart of culture and tradition everywhere. Our French teachers will be your guides as we embark on the Francophone World Tour!

Week 3 July 11th - July 15th Ages 5 and Up: EMBRACING TALENT AND SKILL (TALENT SHOW)

Learn new skills and embrace your strengths. This is a time to try anything new that you want or work on something that you are trying to master. Acrobatics, magic, trick shots, numbers, memory and much much more. Traditional favorites include telling jokes, singing, playing an instrument or dancing. On the final day we will do a talent show where everyone can show their secret talents. An endless flow of creativity on the main stage.

Week 4 July 18th - July 22nd Ages 3 to 6: Sports, Movement, and Games --- CAMP IS FULL

Your children will be able to have fun, learn and create while cooperating with their peers! The camp will feature board games, group outdoor games, team sports. At the end of the week, campers will have their very own board that they will take home; and they will have made it themselves! CAMP IS FULL

Week 4 July 18th - July 22nd Ages 5 and Up: Spanish Language Camp

Summer is the perfect time for children to improve their language skills. Explore the beginning of conversation in Spanish as we create entire worlds with our imaginations. Dive into hispanic culture and history. Learn about concepts of structure and design while being exposed to opportunities for real life language exchanges. Play games, dance, sing, have fun!

Instructors: Samantha and Pierrot

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