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Menus du midi scolaire

Chez ILA, nous croyons que les enfants qui mangent ensemble apprennent ensemble. Nous avons deux programmes uniques appelés Collation collective et Menu santé pour le déjeuner. Nos déjeuners coûtent 5,00 $ par repas et sont facturés mensuellement jusqu'à  notre système de scolarité. 
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Rencontrez notre chef !

Jesus is a new member of the ILA team functioning as the creator of the school lunch program. However, he is not new when it comes to food and has a rich history in the culinary arts, with forty years plus to his credit.

He migrated to the United States In his teens and shortly after began his career in fine dining which led to a training position for a prominent and large restaurant corporation. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work in a variety of food venues which includes more recently Pambiche, Bugattis and La Provence. His passion is to continue to learn new things about food and he enjoys cooking wood fired delicacies when entertaining at home.

He is delighted to focus his skills at the academy and finds it quite rewarding to be a part of providing high quality and nutritious school lunches and snacks at ILA.


Jesus hopes to be a part of raising the bar in academic food programs

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