After-School Programs 

March - April 2020


Piano Lessons


Instructor: Sue Wiebe

Ages: all ages 

Piano Mondays (3-3:30)(3:30-4:00)(4:00-4:30)(4:30-5:00)(5:00-5:30)(5:30-6:00)

 Cost:$30 / lesson 

8 lessons 3/2 - 5/11 (skip 3/23, 4/27, and 5/4)

Sue Wiebe has been teaching piano for 41 years and teaches

all ages which includes adults. She is a  Montessori trained teacher and has taught in a Montessori school. Sue currently performs at an assisted living facility. This program will provide 30 minute private lessons in the time slots listed above. She uses various piano books but mostly the Faber books. Their are three books that sue uses to teach: a lesson book, a theory book, and a performance book. The books range from $7-$8. They can be bought on your own, or she can pick them up for you based on the level of the student. If a student has their own music books and they are suitable for the level they are at, these can be used. 

Net Games


Instructor: Mathias

Ages: Kindergarten and up


Cost: $8 (Aftercare Fee)

6 weeks 3/2-4/13 (skip 3/23)

Let’s have a blast with Net Games! Learn the tactics, skills and fundamentals of games such as ping-pong, badminton, and volleyball. Work on teamwork or hone your own personal skills. These games are incredibly easy to pick up and hard to master. We will have activities for different ages and skill levels. Halfway through we will hold a small tournament for each game type and age level.


Empower DI: The Leader Within


Instructor: Empower DI representative

Ages: 1st- 5th grade



6 weeks (3/3-4/14)

Creativity and Leadership

During this course, students will be challenged to express themselves in new ways as they learn self-awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence. Each week they will participate in hands-on learning activities such as making “para-cord” bracelets and calming jars to learn about coping skills. They will also make tie-dye t-shirts as they learn about self-expression and how to be their most authentic self. Students are challenged to think creatively, and self-expression is highly encouraged. By the end of this 6 week course, your children will step out into the world more confident in themselves, and have a stronger sense of their personal leadership identity. 


ILA Gazette Club 


Instructor: Samantha

Ages: 1st-5th grade

 3:30 to 4:30pm 

Cost: $8 (Aftercare fee) 6 classes  3/4 to 4/15 (skip 3/25)

One of the defining factors of growing is being curious. Curious about how the world works and what is going on in the world and in our local communities. This class will provide a lighthearted introduction to journalism in the form of a student led Gazette that will be printed and available to all families at the school. Students will get the opportunity to explore and report on things that interest them. The students will also learn about how editing and formatting works. We are very excited to show you what the kids come up with.

Theater and Drama Club


Instructor: Michael 

Ages: All ages 


Cost:$8 (Aftercare fee)

6 weeks 3/5-4/16 (skip 3/26)

Lights, Camera, Action! Acting is a super fun way to express ourselves. As we dive into different roles and and characters, we use our imagination to create entire worlds. In this class, students will learn about basic acting fundamentals like projection and the fourth wall. We will work through some classic scenes as well as some improvisation. The children will even come up with some of their own lines for a scene that we will make.

Mandarin Class


Instructor: Qian

Ages: PreK - 5th grade 

3:30- 4:30PM

Cost: $120 6 classes 3/6-4/17 (Skip 3/27)

Let’s learn how to introduce our family in Mandarin. During this semester, we will have a lot of fun activities , songs , games to help students learn how to say and write their family members in Mandarin. We will learn 20+ Chinese characters and 5+ useful sentence.


Ballet Class


Ballet 1

Instructor: Megan Dawn

Ages: 2 to 41/2 years old

3:30 - 4:00 PM

Cost : $120 6 classes 3/6-4/17 Skip 3/27

Ballet students learn coordination and rhythm through imaginative movement with the help of props, classical music and graceful games. They begin to learn Ballet postions of 1st and 2nd and build strength and body awareness through stretches, turns, jumps and curtsie's. Students learn to memorize a short dance which incorporates dancing like a "papillon" and "cygne" to the music of Swan Lake.

Ballet 2

Instructor: Megan Dawn

Ages: 4 to 7 years old

4:15 - 5:00 PM

Cost : $120 6 classes  3/6-4/17 (Skip 3/27)

Ballerina's begin to Pirouette, grande Jete and Arabesque with memorized ability. They learn classical ballet steps with proper form in the three main directions (devant, all seconde, derriere). Dancers begin to learn how to differentiate music in 3/4 verses 4/4 time signatures. Choreography attempted in the last 15 minutes of class uses music from "Peter et let Loup" and incorporates dancers learning movement quality that matches musical instrumentation. Class taught in English


Violin Lessons


Instructor: Brian Benett

Ages: Preschool to 5th Grade 


 12 classes 

The music program will be led by Brian Bennett who is a Suzuki-trained teacher with thirty years of teaching experience and performs with a few groups in town, Portland Chamber Orchestra, Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra, and Bravo! Northwest. We can provide free tickets for many of their performances.

Class taught in English and French


Guitar Lessons


Instructor: Brian Benett

Ages: Preschool to 5th Grade

4:15 - 5:00PM 

Cost: $180 12 classes 

The music program will be led by Brian Bennett who has forty years of performing and thirty years of teaching experience. His preferred styles are rock, folk, classical, and flamenco but he can also teach blues, and jazz theory. Brian has extensive knowledge of music theory and teaches composition and song writing.

For the group class, the instrument rental fee will be $25 per month. The first lesson will include getting sized for the right guitar. Smaller sizes and nylon-stringed instruments are preferred. The most important thing is the instrument set up, as some may have problems that would render them unplayable. Full-sized, steel string, and electric guitars are all problematic for beginners for various reasons.

Class taught in English and French


Continuing French 1

Tuesday and Thursday

Instructor: Pierre Burthey 

Ages 6-8 

3:30-4:30 PM / 7 weeks:  $260

This course is designed especially for children from 6-8 years old who already have some background in French which they want to preserve and expand into an active cultural resource for their lives. It will be taught by an experienced native French speaker who will keep things lively and exciting by mixing effective studies with stories, plays, songs, games, and more.

Continuing French 2

Tuesday and Thursday

Instructor: Pierre Burthey 

Ages 9-12 

4:30-5:30 PM / 7 weeks:  $260

Continuing French Level II.:This course is designed specifically for youngsters aged 9-12 who already speak some French and have some formal background in the language which they want to preserve and expand into an active and lively cultural resource for their lives, whether for academic advancement, a passport into the world of international business and commerce, or to simply live more richly and completely in our increasingly international world. It will be taught by an experienced native French speaker, who will keep lessons exciting and challenging for young scholars with a wide variety of resources and activities.

Sign up for clubs on the sign up sheets at the entrance or send a message to:

Sign up for clubs on the sign up sheets at the entrance or send a message to:

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